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Easy File Cabinet - simple and secure digital file cabinet
Your File Cabinet is a Problem
Your traditional file cabinet is not doing you any favors. You bought it when your documents became unmanageable and you knew you needed something to help you get organized. It's now stuffed with documents and finding anything is near impossible. You deserve better! It's time to ditch it and move into the digital age.
Time to Take Control
We faced the same problem and decided to fix it. A computer, scanner and the Easy File Cabinet software are all you need to finally take control. Built-in scanning, including auto document feeder (ADF) support and PDF technology make it easy to go paperless. Your computer can store hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of documents. If you don't already own a scanner, you can easily find one for less than the cost of a traditional file cabinet.
Powerful, Intuitive Software
Easy File Cabinet is the all-in-one software solution you need to get the job done. It makes it easy to scan, organize, search and protect your documents with online backup and industry proven encryption. We built it with enough power to handle our heavy demands yet easy enough for anyone to use.
Don't Keep it, Shred it
You don't need a hard copy of most of the documents in your file cabinet. It's time to let them go. Scan your documents, feed them to a shredder and say goodbye to clutter. Need a shredder? Here are some affordable options.
Find Documents, Instantly
What's the point of filing a document if you can't find it when you need it? Easy File Cabinet can search through thousands of documents instantly. That reluctance you feel when you need to find a document will be a thing of the past.
Protect it with Online Backup
Flood, fire and mechanical failure spell disaster. Both the paper files in your file cabinet and the files on your computer are at risk. An external backup drive is a good start but might not be enough. You need off-site, redundant backup. Easy File Cabinet tightly integrates Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3) for maximum data safety at amazingly low storage rates. At just $0.03/GB per month, you can backup about 10,000 grayscale documents for just $0.50 per year.
Built-in Data Security
Your documents are your life; protect them. We make it easy to password protect your local and cloud backup files with industry proven encryption. You can trust that your files will be private and secure even in the cloud. Upload your backed-up file cabinets to Amazon S3 or sync them with Dropbox, One Drive or any other cloud based service with confidence. Can your traditional file cabinet protect your documents from even a paper clip?
Optical Character Recognition
Have you ever needed the text in an image or PDF and had to re-type it because you didn't have the original? Easy File Cabinet will take care of it for you with built-in optical character recognition (OCR) supporting over 60 languages. It's as easy as right clicking a document and selecting 'To Text'. Within moments the text will be extracted and displayed.
File Freedom
Some file cabinet applications lock up your files in a proprietary database or file format. File corruption or data migration can be a nightmare. Easy File Cabinet uses regular JPG images and PDF documents that are saved to your computer just like any other file. They are your files and you are free to do with them whatever you wish even if you decide to stop using Easy File Cabinet.
Try it, Love it, Buy it
Easy File Cabinet comes with a free, full feature, 30 day evaluation. Fire up your scanner, empty your shredder and get to work. Buy a license if you love it; uninstall it if you don't.
Let's Get Started
Take control of your documents with Easy File Cabinet. Watch a video tour, view screenshots, read frequently asked questions, or download your free copy and get started today!
Easy File Cabinet has the tools you need to get the job done.
Narrated Tour
When you launch the application for the first time, you will be greeted by a narrated tour. It explains the application in depth to help you get up and running with ease.
Clean Interface
Easy File Cabinet is clutter free and designed for regular people. Everything you need is just a click away.
Intuitive Organization
We don't lock up your documents in a proprietary database or file format. File Cabinets are composed of normal files and folders. You organize your documents in a way that is completely natural to you.
Scanning Made Simple
Easy File Cabinet automatically detects your scanner. Scanning is as simple as selecting your scanner from a drop-down list and clicking the Scan Document button. You can save your scanned documents as images or PDF files.
Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) Technology
The application supports your scanner's ADF features. You can save each page individually or combine them all into a multi-page PDF. You can even add multiple scans to a single PDF by appending, prepending or interleaving (double sided scanning) the new pages.
PDF Technology
You can create PDFs, add pages to existing PDFs and save ADF scans as multi-page PDFs with ease. You can even edit PDFs by reordering or deleting pages. No need to fire up Adobe Reader when you want to view your documents either. Our high quality, integrated document viewer makes viewing PDF documents fool proof.
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Technology
With support for over 60 languages, built-in optical character recognition makes it easy to extract the text from both images and PDF documents.
Simple Document Editing
Our built-in tools make it easy to adjust document quality, choose between grayscale and color, crop, rotate, flip and adjust contrast.
Local and Online File Cabinet Backup
Backing up your documents is critical. We make it easy to compress (zip) and optionally password encrypt your file cabinets and save them to disk or your Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) account. You can also use any other file backup or sync service (Dropbox, One Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive, etc.).
Automatic Updates
Easy File Cabinet keeps itself up-to-date automatically. Buy a license for today's version and get tomorrow's at no additional cost. We will never nickel and dime you by asking you to purchase a new license to get the latest features.
Affordable, Straightforward Licensing
We make it as easy as possible to replace your traditional file cabinet by keeping the price low (only $10) and streamlining the purchase and activation process. You can buy your license key right now with a credit or debit card and immediately activate it within the application.
Full Feature, 30 Day Evaluation
Download and try Easy File Cabinet without restrictions for 30 days. We're confident you'll love it!
Download a free, full feature, 30 day evaluation of Easy File Cabinet.
Buyers Remorse, Forget About it
At Easy File Cabinet, we don't believe in buying software without trying it first and we don't want your money until you have a chance to fall in love with your Easy File Cabinet.
The application comes with a free, full feature, 30 day evaluation. Download and install it and give it a try. Buy a license if you love it, uninstall it if you don't.
System Requirements
The software is optimized to run well even on old systems. Sorry Mac and Linux users; your operating system is not yet supported.
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
  • 1 GB system memory (RAM)
  • 200 MB free disk space
How to Install and Launch
We'll get you up and running in no time. Click here for step-by-step instructions.
Step 1. Click the 'Download Easy File Cabinet' button found above. Your browser might not recognize Easy File Cabinet.exe - click keep or save.

Step 2. Locate and open the installer once the download has completed.

Step 3. Windows might warn you that the application is unrecognized - click run or run anyway.

Step 4. The installer extracts the application.

Step 5. Windows UAC might annoy you - click yes.

Step 6. Click through the installer ('Install Now' and 'Custom' do the same thing).

Step 7. Launch the application from the installer, desktop, program files or start screen.

Step 8. Go through the application setup. Take the in-depth, narrated tour to get up to speed quickly.

Step 9. Use the application for free for 30 days.

Step 10. After 30 days, buy and activate a license if you love it; uninstall it if you don't.
Purchase a license for only $10 and replace your traditional file cabinet for good.
Why You Need a License
Easy File Cabinet comes with a free, 30 day evaluation. Once the evaluation has ended, you need a license to continue to use the software.
What You Get
  • Future updates at no extra cost
  • Unlimited scanning and editing
  • Excellent ADF, PDF and OCR support
  • Instant search
  • Powerful backup with password encryption and Amazon S3 integration
  • Free email support and much more...
Evaluate First
Download your copy and try the software before you buy a license. Make sure your scanner works as expected and that the software fits your needs. We don't do refunds so please make sure you love it before you buy it.
Affordable Licensing
We make it easy for everyone who wants a license to get one. Your one time purchase of an affordable, $10 license goes a long way to support our efforts to develop easy-to-use, productivity software for everyday people. Occasionally, we do coupon code promotions so be sure to enter yours if you have one. Volume buyers may qualify for a discount; contact us for more information.
Your Credit/Debit Card will be Safe
We process your credit/debit card with a popular and secure service called Stripe. We do not store your card information on our servers.
Buy Your License
Enter your email address and the number of licenses you need. Click 'Pay with Credit or Debit Card' and we'll calculate your total, prompt you for your credit/debit card information and process your order. Your license key(s) and activation instructions will be shown to you immediately. We will also send a receipt to your email address.

Concerned about the safety of your credit/debit card?
Some users are concerned that they don't see 'https' in their browser's address field. The concern is that this page is not encrypted and, therefore, the credit/debit card information is not secure.

Your purchase is processed by Stripe which utilizes encryption behind the scenes in JavaScript. That means that the transmitted credit/debit card information is encrypted and is secure. Beyond that, your credit/debit card information is never sent to the Easy File Cabinet website.
Take a look at the Easy File Cabinet application.
Short Tour
Full Tour
Easy File Cabinet screenshots.
Main Window
File Tree & Document Preview
Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Document Editing

Disk Backup
Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) Backup
File Menu
Options Menu
License Menu
Support Menu
Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is perfect for your backup needs.
Amazon S3
Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is a high quality, low cost, online storage service. We integrated it with Easy File Cabinet to make your online backups as simple, secure and affordable as possible.
What it Costs
There are no subscription or sign up fees and you only pay for the storage you use. The cost is roughly $0.03 per GB per month. Check out the official price on Amazon's web site. You can store roughly 10,000 compressed, grayscale documents for $0.50 per year. New users get 5GB of storage for free for the first year.
Private and Secure
The files you upload to Amazon S3 are private; only you can download them. For additional peace of mind, Easy File Cabinet allows you to password protect your backup files using industry proven encryption.
Important S3 Details
In S3, folders are called buckets. Buckets are where your backup files are saved. There are a couple of important limitations. First, you can't create buckets inside of buckets. Second, bucket names have to be unique. You can't create a bucket with a name that has already been taken by another user.
How to Get Started
Setup your own Amazon S3 account if you don't already have one (use the guide below). Once your account is ready, just copy your security keys into Easy File Cabinet and you're all set.
Setup Guide
The following guide makes it easy to setup your Amazon S3 account and use it with your Easy File Cabinet. It takes 5-10 minutes to complete.
*Some of these steps might be out of date due to Amazon updating their website
Click here for step-by-step instructions.
Step 1. Click this link to open Amazon S3 in a new tab or window and click 'Sign Up Now'.

Step 2. If you already have an Amazon account you can log in and skip steps 3 & 4. Otherwise, you need to create a new account by selecting 'I am a new user' and clicking 'Sign in using our secure server'.

Step 3. Enter your desired login credentials and click 'Continue' (not applicable if you already have an account).

Step 4. Enter your contact information, do the security check, accept the customer agreement and click 'Create Account and Continue' (not applicable if you already have an account).

You will receive a welcome email.

Step 5. Enter your credit card information (debit cards are also accepted) and click 'Continue'. You will only be charged for the storage you use. There are no sign up, subscription or termination fees.

Step 6. Amazon will activate your account and send you an email.

Step 7. Click the top link in the activation email to obtain your security keys.

Step 8. You will see your account screen. Click 'Create a new Access Key' at the bottom and click 'Yes' in the confirmation window.

Step 9. Both your access key and secret key will be created (we've hidden ours and you should never share yours). Click 'Show' to make your secret key visible.

Step 10. Open Easy File Cabinet and click the 'Backup' button. Enter both your access and secret keys. The application saves your keys so you only have to enter them once (they are encrypted and saved as preferences to keep them safe). Click the blue 'manage buckets' label to create your bucket (i.e. your backup folder).

Step 11. Click 'New', enter a bucket name and click 'OK'. The bucket will appear in the 'Buckets' list. Highlight it and click 'Select Bucket'.

Step 12. Name your backup file and click 'Backup File Cabinet'. Your file cabinet will be compressed into a single zip file and uploaded to your bucket.

Congratulations! You have now created your Amazon S3 account and first file cabinet backup. To restore a file cabinet, simply download the backup file, unzip it and open it with the application (File > Open File Cabinet).
Frequently asked questions.
Who is behind Easy File Cabinet?
Easy File Cabinet was built by the authors of RentBOLD (a free, community driven rental platform), Cloud Sticky Notes (a free, cloud based, desktop sticky note application), Buddy Comms (a low cost, communication tool for gamers) and Free Hearing Test (a free, hearing test application). We love to develop software that enriches the lives of regular people.

Our personal file cabinets became so unwieldy that we decided to engineer software to fix the problem. Along the way we chose to spend the time and money necessary to make it something special that we would be proud to offer to the world at a very reasonable price.
Can't I already do everything on my own that Easy File Cabinet does?
Easy File Cabinet puts file/folder organization, document scanning and editing, PDF creation and viewing, optical character recognition, search, backup (including zip compression and Amazon S3 integration) and encryption/decryption in an easy-to-use package. You might be able to do all of these things individually but, chances are, you won't like it because it's difficult to get right and quite time consuming.
Will scanning and saving documents on my computer take a lot of space?
A typical grayscale image requires about 100 KB of disk space. That means for one Gigabyte you can store about 10,000 images (pages). Your computer probably has dozens if not hundreds of Gigabytes of free space. You should be able to easily store hundreds of thousands of documents.
What technology was used to create Easy File Cabinet?
The application is built on Java technology that consists of both open and closed source components. We bundle the necessary Java Runtime Environment to make running the application as easy as possible. The JRE is not installed in an official way so you don't have to worry about it interfering with other applications on your computer.
Where is your privacy policy?
We don't have an official privacy policy because we do our best to not need one. The most sensitive thing we record is your email address when you purchase a license. We use it to send you a receipt and news on upcoming features. We keep it safe and never give or sell it to anyone. We use Google Analytics to measure web visits and application usage (optional). We collect as little personal information as possible and keep it private; that's our policy.
I want to buy a license but I don't have a credit or debit card. Are there other options?
There is no automated way to obtain a license other than what's available on the website. However, we will work with you. Please contact us.
What service do you use to process credit/debit card purchases?
We use a popular service called Stripe. It is secure, effective and used by thousands of online companies. We love it because, unlike PayPal and others, you don't need a special account to make a purchase. We charge your card immediately and don't store your name or card number.
Do you store my credit/debit card information on your system?
Your purchase is processed by Stripe, a credit/debit card processing company. We do not store your credit/debit card information on our systems.
I lost or never received my license key. What can I do?
Go to the contact page and send us a message. Include the email address you used when you purchased your license. If possible, include your purchase ID. We will look at our records and send your license key to you if possible.
How do I activate my license?
During 30 Day Evaluation
Within the application, go to 'Options' > 'Activate License'. Enter your license key and click 'Activate'.

After 30 Day Evaluation
When you launch the application, a window appears that informs you that the evaluation has ended. Click the 'Activate License' button. Enter your license key and click 'Activate'.

*Your computer has to have a valid Internet connection for activation to succeed
My computer's hardware changed and now my license isn't working, why?
Easy File Cabinet uses your hardware to authenticate your license. If a hardware change causes your license to stop working simply reactivate it. We give you a limited number of activations per license to cover this scenario.
I activated my license a few times and now it no longer works, can you help?
As an anti-piracy measure, your license key can only be activated a limited number of times. Contact us if you have a legitimate explanation as to why your license has been maxed out and you still need to activate it. We probably won't reset it if our records indicate that it has been activated on more than one computer.
File Cabinet Organization
Does the application use a proprietary database to store and organize files?
Absolutely not! Your file cabinets are normal files and folders on your file system. Your operating system does a great job of organizing and managing files so that's what we rely on.

Your file cabinets are 100% accessible with or without Easy File Cabinet.
What is the maximum file cabinet size?
Your file cabinet can grow until you run out of disk space. However, individual files have size limitations. See 'What is the maximum size of a backup file?' in the backup section for details.
Can I search based on file contents instead of file name?
No. We suggest that you organize your folders and name your files in a way that manual and automatic searching is convenient.
Search does not seem to be working, what gives?
Your search is based on the file or folder selected in the file tree. Select the root folder (at the top) to search the entire file cabinet.
Will my scanner work?
Easy File Cabinet is built to support as many scanners as possible. Make sure your drivers are up-to-date, install the application and give it a try. You get 30 days to evaluate the software for free so the best way to find out is to try.
Why are there more entries in the scanner drop down than expected?
Your scanner is likely registered as both WIA and TWAIN. Those are interfaces that allow your computer to communicate with your scanner. The TWAIN option will show you a window created by the scanner's manufacturer. The WIA option will use the default Windows implementation. Try both options to find the one that works best for your needs.
When I click 'Scan Document' the application crashes, why?
Easy File Cabinet depends on reliable scanner drivers. Re-launch the application and select a different entry in the scanner drop down (if available) and try again. If it continues to fail, make sure your drivers are up-to-date.
How does automatic document feeder (ADF) scanning work?
When you start a scan, you should see an option to use the document feeder. Once all the pages have been scanned, you will be asked how you want to save them. You can save them as a multi-page PDF (recommended) or as individual PDF or image files.

How do I add documents to an already existing PDF?
Select the PDF that you want to add the documents to and hit the scan button. You will be prompted to select how to add the pages (append, prepend or interleave). The pages will be added after scanning and editing is complete.
How do I reorder or delete pages in an existing PDF?
Right click the PDF and select edit. A window will appear that makes it easy to reorder and delete pages.
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
What is OCR?
Optical character recognition is the electronic conversion of scanned images of handwritten, typewritten or printed text into machine-encoded text.
Which languages are supported?
  • Afrikaans
  • Albanian
  • Arabic
  • Azerbaijani
  • Basque
  • Belarusian
  • Bengali
  • Bulgarian
  • Catalan
  • Czech
  • Chinese, Simplified
  • Chinese, Traditional
  • Cherokee
  • Croatian
  • Danish
  • Danish, Fraktur
  • Dutch
  • English
  • English, Middle
  • Esperanto
  • Equation (Math)
  • Estonian
  • Finnish
  • French
  • Frankish
  • French, Middle
  • Galician
  • German
  • German, Fraktur
  • Greek
  • Greek, Ancient
  • Hebrew
  • Hindi
  • Hungarian
  • Indonesian
  • Icelandic
  • Italian
  • Italian, Old
  • Japanese
  • Kannada
  • Korean
  • Latvian
  • Lithuanian
  • Malayalam
  • Macedonian
  • Maltese
  • Malay
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Slovak
  • Slovak, Fraktur
  • Slovenian
  • Spanish
  • Spanish, Old
  • Serbian
  • Swahili
  • Swedish
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Tagalog
  • Thai
  • Turkish
  • Ukrainian
  • Vietnamese
Why does the application have to download languages files to do OCR?
Easy File Cabinet comes with support for English by default. Other languages require a one time download. Most language files are small (a few megabytes) and download quickly. This approach greatly reduces the installation size.
Does OCR work with PDF documents?
Yes. The text in PDF documents is extracted directly (meaning without needing OCR) when possible. Otherwise, the pages are converted to images and OCR processed.
Why isn't OCR isn't always 100% accurate?
OCR is complex and isn't perfect. Poor quality documents are especially difficult for the OCR engine to decipher.
How can I improve the accuracy of OCR?
First, make sure you select the correct language. Second, the higher the quality of the document the better. Scan the documents that you want to OCR at 300 DPI (dots per inch) when possible.
What is the maximum size of a backup file?
The backup process compresses your file cabinet into a single zip file. For old computers (FAT32) the max file size is 4 GB. For new computers (NTFS) the max file size is 16 TB.
What is Amazon S3?
Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is a cloud storage service that makes it easy and affordable to manage files in the cloud. Amazon's services are used by many of today's largest technology companies.

We integrated it with Easy File Cabinet because it is one of the best services for safe, reliable and affordable file backup. We could have built it around our own backup service and charged a subscription fee but we chose to take a simpler approach and pass the savings on to you. By setting up and using your own S3 account, you pay Amazon directly for your storage use. No middleman means lower costs.

We recognize that you might feel apprehensive to create an Amazon S3 account. Follow our Amazon S3 guide to get up and running quickly and painlessly.
Is Amazon S3 expensive?
Amazon charges roughly $0.03 per GB/month of storage. That means you can store one GB of backups for about $0.50 per year. One GB is equivalent to approximately 10,000 full page, grayscale documents at text readable quality. That means you can backup one million documents for about $50/year. It's redundant, reliable, secure and a great deal.
I heard that the cloud isn't a safe place to store personal documents. Is that true?
A lot of time, money and expertise has been invested by the big cloud players to keep your data safe so calling it unsafe isn't entirely accurate. It's very safe but there is always some risk.

We have taken your data security to the next level by adding password based encryption. That means your file cabinet backups can be encrypted before they are uploaded to your Amazon S3 account. If hackers are able to comprise Amazon's security (not likely) then they will have to figure out your password and our encryption algorithms to decrypt your backup files (also not likely). Your data is very safe, especially when you password protect it.
I use Mac or Linux. Can I use the application?
We plan to include Mac and Linux support once the application has become popular enough to warrant it.
How do I print my documents?
Printing is best done with native applications. Open the document by double clicking it in the file tree, selecting it in the file tree and pressing enter or selecting 'Open' from the context menu (right click). The document will be opened by your operating system. Use the application that opened the document to print it.
I have a question that isn't answered here. What can I do to get help?
Contact us. We will do our best to answer all of your questions.
Contact the Easy File Cabinet team.
We are Dedicated to a Great Customer Experience
Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns. Is there a feature you wish Easy File Cabinet had? Let us know and you might find it in the next version :)

If you need customer support, be sure to read through Frequently Asked Questions before contacting us.
(optional but we cannot reply if not provided)